Women’s shelter update!

Dear Friends of the TCM Women’s Shelter.

Thanks to the generous hearts of so many people, we have completed the 2nd floor of the women’s shelter (bedrooms are on the 2nd floor, living area, kitchen, and “home mom/counselor” are all on the 1st floor)! Our new shelter is now full and fully operational!

Now it is very important for us to build a concrete security wall around the property, and have strong gates and a security system installed to protect the women. We know this is absolutely required from our past experiences, and our advisory board has asked us to do all we can to have this work completed this year.

The estimate we received for the wall plus a security system is approx. $30,000. There is a Foundation that has committed to match dollar-for dollar any money we receive for this project, so if we get $15,000 donated, they will give us the other $15,000.

Furthermore, if we raise more than the $15,000, any extra money will go towards building the 3rd and final story which will double our capacity for women and their children. The Foundation helping us with up to $15,000 for the security wall and system will also match up to $10,000 in extra donations to go towards the 2nd floor.

The deadline to receive donations that will be matched is October 31st.

If you would like to donate, you can click the link below to go to our website. Make sure the donation is designated for the Women’s Shelter, and put “Security” in the comments/memo section so we can count your donations to get matched.

Thank you in advance for your heart for these women and the work we do to help them.

Sara Gomez-Lopez, Founder and Executive Director, TCM Women with a Purpose

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