Will you help these two girls go to nail school?

Update: Both girls are sponsored ! Thank you sponsors!


Meet Estefania and Janet.  They are both sixteen and are roommates.  They are opposites in some ways… Estefania is extraverted, bubbly and talkative, while Janet is introverted, soft-spoken and gentle.  But both of them are hard workers and always finding ways to help around here.  They are wonderful girls and we are excited about a new opportunity for their future!

They have the chance to attend a one-month program which will teach them to become a nail technician.  Once they have that diploma, they can work in a nail shop. This is what Janet wants to do!  Estefania hopes to learn to do nails, to earn money while she goes to high school and college. She ultimately wants to own her own restaurant.

There is a nail school here in Tijuana where they can go, for $274… that is $214 for tuition and $60 for supplies. They will go for a half a day for a month, and will have to practice on models. (Plenty of other girls around here will have some fancy nails soon!) At the end, they will be “nail technicians” and eligible to work in a nail salon in Mexico!

We are looking for people who are willing to provide the funds for these two girls to go to nail school at $274/each.  If you would be willing to be one of those sponsors,please email!  Thank you so much!