Want to join our Birthday Club?

Yesterday a Child Sponsor came to TCM and threw a birthday bash for one of our girls! We had a dinner of pasta, bread, and salad, followed by a chocolate cake! It was fantastic!

Most importantly it made the birthday girl feel loved and valued and special.

We thought, wouldn’t it be great if all our kids could have a party on their birthday? We average around 7 birthdays a month (some months more, some less), and we don’t have the extra money in our general budget to throw a party like this ourselves. And we know that not all Child Sponsors have the extra means to throw such a party even though they would like to.

That led us to an idea: what if we started a Birthday Club? 

People in the Birthday Club would help us throw a special party every time one of our kids has a birthday. Some people in the club would send a gift each month based on the age and gender of the child, while others would send money to help us buy cake and ice cream (or, bring down the cake and ice cream personally if you’re able!).

Would you like to be a monthly giver of a birthday present?

Would you like to provide, or help us provide, cake and ice cream?

If so, send an email to and we’ll discuss this idea in more detail. Thank you!

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