Thank you for fruit!

The Super Pandas (the 5th and 6th grade girls at Rosarito) are continuing their small group study of a famous missionary, Amy Carmichael. Last week, they read about how she preferred to pray to God when she needed something, without asking people directly, and God always provided.  So we learned the verse Luke 18:27- “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

I then asked the girls if there was anything they wanted to pray for that was needed at the orphanage.  (I told them, more candy was not an option! 🙂  One of the girls immediately said, “More food.”  When I asked what specifically, she said “frutas”, fruit.  So we agreed to pray for more fruit for Rosarito.  This was on Tuesday afternoon.

I didn’t tell anyone about that prayer, but the next morning, Wednesday, I woke up to this email from a friend in San Diego.

“You mentioned back in the fall that the kids could use more fresh fruit.  Would you like me to buy fruit for you or just give you money to purchase some?”  Wow!  That was a really fast answer to a specific prayer!  I couldn’t wait to tell the girls how God answered their prayer!  IMG_3477

So this week, the Super Pandas went fruit shopping 🙂 This may have been a one-time donation, but it was a wonderful way for God to remind our kids that no matter how many bad things have happened to them, God cares for them and is listening to their prayers.

*We are thankful for a church which recently started giving monthly specifically for fruit at the Soler site.  If you would like to help provide more fruit for the Rosarito site, please let us know!*