Who are the "Super Pandas"?

My name is Heidi Landes. My family and I are currently helping at TCM with child sponsorship and  some other things (like writing blog posts). We have four kids, ages 7-13.  Recently, my 10 yr old daughter and I have started a small group with the 5th and 6th grade girls at TCM.  At our first meeting, the girls decided to name the group “Super Pandas”.  A little random, but that is what they chose!   We are meeting weekly. We share what’s happening in life, play games, study a little and do a project.  We are reading a kids’ biography of Amy Carmichael, because she was a woman who followed Jesus and made a difference in the world. I keep telling the girls each week that I hope someday to read a book about each one of them, and how they made an impact on the world!

We met for the third time this week. I had given them a verse the week before to memorize, but honestly, I have worked with kids before, and I did not really expect any to do it. But I brought a prize in case one person did, so that I could motivate the rest to do it next time.  Well, they did not even know about the prize, and EVERY ONE OF THOSE GIRLS knew their verse!  I was impressed!  Luckily I had enough special snacks for everyone! (Panda cookies, of course!)

The project they did first was to write kind notes to the staff.  I also liked that they made sure to include each staff member at Rosarito (plus a few at Soler that they know too), without me asking them to. They had so much fun creating pretty cards!


Another fun story. Last week, one of the girls had a hurt finger from a ball game. It looked pretty swollen. I told her about a time in life when my family prayed for someone with a broken thumb, and the thumb was healed.  Then I prayed for her finger.  She immediately looked at it and was disappointed that it did not look immediately better. However, this week, she was happy to show me that it was totally fine!  Sometimes God answers prayers in a few days instead of a few seconds, but He did answer and we are thankful!  IMG_3296

It is really fun doing this with this little group. They are great girls!