Spring Break Groups Have Started!

The months of March and April are busy times here, with lots of missions teams coming to help us out!  We have already had groups from Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and California, and more are coming!  The groups have been busy at Soler, Rosarito and the Women’s Shelter.  Here are just a few samples of the things they are doing around here…

Spa Day for the girls of Soler


IMG_3764 IMG_3768_2

Working on the wall at Rosarito…


Painting at Rosarito



The groups have also served breakfast at the church near the canyon, built flower boxes for the women’s shelter, bought groceries for us, and most of all, PLAYED with the kids!  The relational time is so wonderful for both kids and groups.

We are thankful for all the hard work and love they bring to share with us!  Looking forward to the next groups as well!