Perla… future missionary!

Meet Perla, one of our girls. She has lived with us for about 3 years, due to many problems in her own family.  She is finishing junior high this year so that she can go on to high school next year. She is a bright girl who was top of her class last year. This year, she had some difficulties, but she has persevered through them, and with the help of the staff and volunteers here, she is now back to being her happy, energetic self. Recently, we had a conversation and I asked what she wanted to do when she grows up. She told me of her dream to be a Christian missionary. She said that the Americans who come here to Tijuana Christian Mission have inspired her. She wants to travel and bring God’s love to others who need it!
Thank you to all of you who have come and volunteered with us, giving of your time and hearts to love our kids. It makes a difference… to the kids here and now, and to those whom the kids will impact later in their lives!
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