"The most impactful missions trip I have ever been on"

KaiLi and Hannah are two college sophomores who chose to spend their spring break with us at TCM this year, loving on our kids and helping out with homework and tortillas!  They found out that when it rains here, school gets cancelled… that sometimes there is hot water, sometimes there is cold water, and sometimes there is no water because the water truck can’t drive over the rainy, muddy roads!  They had a great time. Here is what Hannah said about their trip,

“We are back in the USA! But leaving was so incredibly bittersweet. In such a short amount of time I grew so attached to all the kids we met at the orphanage. I learned way more than I ever expected I would. We literally lived the life of an orphan for a week, and I feel so humbled after the experience.

This trip has been the most impactful missions trip I have ever been on.

I have SO many stories to share, but in short, here’s a few things I learned: The kids in Mexico love Frozen just as much (if not more) than American kids, hot water (really water at all) is SUCH a blessing that I take for granted, homemade flour tortillas are the most delicious things you could ever eat, and you really learn a lot of Spanish when only one child speaks some English.  I loved this trip so much.”

We know their time impacted the kids here too, as KaiLi and Hannah poured out love on them!



If you are a high school or college student considering a missions trip this year, we encourage you to plan a trip here or check out our summer internship program!