11 Children with NO SPONSORS at all!

Many of you have sponsored our kids over the years and we are so thankful! Your sponsorship money goes into the budget to pay for food, water, school fees, clothes, water and shelter for our kids. But more importantly, when you sponsor a child, the letters, gifts and visits from you, the sponsor, tell our kids that someone loves them, and that ultimately, God loves them!

Recently, we have made some changes to sponsorship. We previously had a set amount ($50/month) that a sponsor gave. But we realize that that amount may not be right for everyone. Now, we allow you to choose your commitment level, even as little at $10/month, if that is where you need to start. Even a small amount can help, and the more sponsors we have to encourage our kids, the better! Since it costs a lot more than $10 a month to care for our children, we try to have multiple sponsors for each child. The money combined from all the sponsors helps cover their needs, and the children receive more notes and encouragement! But right now, we have 11 children who do not even have ONE sponsor!

Here are at the kids who have 0 sponsors right now!!!
Jocelyne CSPO # 374 age 10 (girl)
Lizeth CSPO #384 age 10 (girl)
Daniel CSPO #399 age 11(boy)
Monse CSPO #387 age 15 (girl)
Jose CSPO #409 age 14 (boy)
Claudio CSPO #405 age 18 (boy)
Julio CSPO #410 age 16 (boy)
Moises CSPO # 398 age 13 (boy)
Erick CSPO #393 age 14 (boy)
Mindy CSPO #378 age 12 (girl)
Oraldo CSPO #392 age 12 (boy)

Would any of you like to sponsor one of these children? Please fill the form on the website to contact us! You can make a difference!