Where is the Tijuana Campus located?

Our original orphanage building, or the “old site” is located in Soler, a very nice suburb of Tijuana. We are located just one block south of the U.S. border.

You’ll hear the locals refer to the Tijuana campus as “Soler”, the name of the suburb in which it is located.

Who lives there?

Our Tijuana campus, called City of Refuge, is home to staff members and the founding family, as well as all of our oldest children. All of our high school and college students live at the Tijuana campus (the old site), but right now, we have a few junior high students living in Tijuana as well.

What ministry goes on at the Tijuana Campus?

Many of the children who come to live with us at this site have come from very difficult backgrounds and have many needs. We have teenagers who have spent the majority of their lives in our home or other children’s homes, and we have children who were “taken” from their family and brought into an orphanage for their first time as teenagers.

When children arrive at this campus, they need many things immediately – clothing, school supplies and books, and a place to sleep – but their needs go much deeper. Many of our children need lots of one on one attention when they arrive, all of them need extra prayers, and several of them even require special counseling to help them move beyond their past and step into a new way of life. Through the church that meets on our campus, these children are given hope, direction, and a future. In fact, most of the children that come to live with us here at our Tijuana campus realize their need for a Savior shortly after their arrival. We pray for our teenagers to accept Christ and get baptized. That’s what this ministry is all about.

How can I help?

We have many physical needs at this campus as well. The normal day-to-day process of caring for so many teenagers is sometimes very expensive, but we also have to pay all of our bills (water, light, gas, etc.) and maintain our facility. One of our greatest needs is good clothing for our kids. If you are able to help with this need, please contact us and let us know. You can also send us a financial donation to help cover these and other costs. Or if you can, come visit us on a Mission Trip and see what you can do!