Back to School!

Every summer children with “normal” families take this time for special activities. It kind of marks our own childhood- memories of beach days, climbing expeditions, week-long camping trips …  We at the children’s home try each summer, with the help of many teams, to create such treasured memories for our kids. This summer we excelled!!! A day of water slides, 4 days of camping in cabins with pools and awesome times; 4 days of camping for the older kids, ruffing it in the wild; a week-long super resort for the younger kids—and all of this sponsored by teams who love to invest in the lives of the children.

Now back to real life!!!    

It is back to school time, as the kids are all officially back in school. Imagine the rush with all of the different activities-

5 in kindergarten

23 in elementary school

22 in junior high

13 in high school

5 in the university

Matriculation in 7 different schools, different uniforms and shoes to buy… an average of 6 books per child to cover in different colors according to the class’s material, the long list of school materials for each child!!! Sound overwhelming but it truly is a happy time. The reason for that? If our children were not here, the possibility for them to receive education would be close to none. With this realization we are constantly grateful for God’s mercy and love for each of them.

Thank you all our faithful friends who walk this journey along with us!!!!!